Electronic Vehicle Inspections
Electronic Vehicle Inspections are just the beginning

One of the key elements of a shop's follow-up procedure depends on the vehicle inspection process. When the customer brings in his vehicle for service, a technician takes note of items that need service down the road. But are all of these items followed up? Could shop owners be missing out on lucrative repair and maintenance opportunities?

When your professional technicians identify an issue on a vehicle, know that it was done to the industries standard. We have complete accountability & transparency built right in:

  • Compatible with iPad, or Android Tablet, Google Chrome Book, Computer, or smart-phone
  • No installation required. Use it right now.
  • 11 Industry Standard Inspections
  • Customizable electronic inspections: Create your own
  • Each item inspected is entered into the Vehicle's history
  • Faulty & Resolved items tracked over time
  • Historical data is linked to the Technician who signed off on it
  • A custom inspection is created on the fly to resolve outstanding items
  • Every inspection is logged automatically as a time sheet entry for each technician

Unlike paper inspection sheets, the Vehicle owners copy of our electronic inspection is designed with the vehicle owner in mind: It is sorted by problems first, complete with applicable measurements. We format the inspection depending on how it is being viewed. Electronic inspections can also be sent as a One-click Email.

Each electronic inspection item has the standard to which the item is to be inspected to determine the condition.

Integrity Manager Inspections provide your service writers and maintenance technicians with the data they need about a vehicle on a single screen. Centralizing your data makes finding future work a breeze.

  • Vehicle Inspections Performed
  • Vehicle Inspections Needing to be done
  • Driving Pattern Analysis helps predict the future
  • Service Interval Summaries show future work
  • Deferred work
  • Maintenance Estimates
  • All faulty items identified, but not yet repaired
  • ... and much more
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